Just got word

Posted July 19, 2006 by RogueDarkJedi
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That wordpress is actually considering adding it and there is high chance that it will be availible for all wordpress.com blogs!


Keep sending those emails.


Still nothing

Posted July 7, 2006 by RogueDarkJedi
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WordPress.com has been slow in adding the widget. Maybe it’s because they are busy or because they don’t know about it enough yet. Keep sending those emails using the feedback feature on your admin panel.

Comment here if you want the widget

Posted June 17, 2006 by RogueDarkJedi
Categories: Campaign

Just post a comment if you want the gabbly widget to be availble on wordpress blogs

What do people who use the widget think?

Posted June 17, 2006 by RogueDarkJedi
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I wondered that myself. So I decided to post on it and wait for trackbacks and comments on it, so far I have had atleast 9 comments and all of them are positive. But that's 2 comments out of the 239 people who have downloaded it since 6/9/06. I haven't checked the recent stats yet but I assume that they are good.

The wordpress widget has many customizable options. You should go check it out.


Posted June 8, 2006 by RogueDarkJedi
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Come on people, it isn't that hard. Just send in a message saying you want the gabbly chat widget for hosted wordpress blogs.

You can see a demo of the widget here:


WordPress wants one, let’s show them one.

Posted June 3, 2006 by RogueDarkJedi
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Frequently Asked Questions » Blog Archive » Can I have a tagboard / chatterbox?

Taken from site above: 

 However, if one became available as a widget and used code that was safe for use here, it would be considered.

As you can see, wordpress really needs a chat widget, and you can help solve this problem, just simply send the template to wordpress.com using the feedback feature in your admin panel. 

Add the gabbly widget to wordpress.com campaign

Posted June 3, 2006 by RogueDarkJedi
Categories: Campaign

In your admin panel click the feedback button and send a message like this:

Hey, I really would like a chat widget set for default for the wordpress blogs. It would be really awesome, and I would love to have it. I searched "ajax chat" on google.com and found gabbly.com. It's the best ever. And then I saw they have a gabbly widget for wordpress. And I think it would be really cool if you would add this so wordpress.com hosted sites can have the chat on their blogs too.


BTW, the link to dl the widget is at:


and a preview of it in action is at: